The Crown The student news site of Marian Central Catholic High School Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:19:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Circle of Life Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:19:09 +0000 From the movie screen to the Broadway stage, the classic Disney movie The Lion King is now touring the United States with an amazing cast and crew. The theater and art students of Marian Central were lucky enough to be able to go and see the live performance on February 6th of 2020. The day’s schedule started with a tour of the art museum, a fulfilling lunch, and the actual performance.

Mr. Toledo started his first year at Marian with a groundbreaking field trip. Running the trip could not have been easy, but Mr. Toledo was not afraid of the challenge. Mr. Toledo says that because of the support group and his prior experience gave him the confidence to plan the trip. Mr. Toledo had seen The Lion King before and thought it would be a good show for the students to see, “It’s such a great visual show, and the music made it an easy decision.” 

The Marian art students were also allowed to come and view the Milwaukee Art Museum. Students and teachers were given a guided tour of the museum’s main features and then they were able to walk around freely. Many art students benefited from this experience because they were able to see the different styles of art throughout history. The museum had many attractions that inspired the students who attended.

The musical was performed by a professional broadway cast, for many students this was their first time seeing a professional stage production and it was surely an experience they won’t forget. Ashley Alfante (12) said that the show was very emotional because she could see the effort behind the show. “Seeing The Lion King was fun because we got to see all the work they put into it. The lighting, the music, and I loved the costumes.” Alfante was sad that this was the last theater field trip she’ll get to go on, but she’ll cherish the memory forever. 

The art and theater students were very grateful to all the teachers and administration that planned this trip. Students were able to strengthen bonds through their love of fine art and grew closer to those who they never were previously. The performance of The Lion King was a moving experience that the students will cherish for years to come. 

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Their Last Shot Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:18:20 +0000 Throughout this basketball season, the girls’ team has been through their ups and down. However, on Wednesday, January 29, the players on the girls’ basketball team went through the most emotions they have all season. The seniors on the girls’ basketball team played their last high school home game, Marian’s senior night. Although many were sad, senior Janelle Allen scored her thousandth point. Julia Hogel (11) states, “Janelle was a big role model and I love the person she has become. I can’t wait to see what her future holds. I’m going to miss her so much.” Janelle has already committed and is ready to start her amazing journey of college basketball, so her future looks bright. Although she’ll be missed, having made one-thousand points is a great memory of high school. 

Just like an end of the year celebration, senior year is a great way to show off the seniors and their accomplishments. “ Senior night is a great way to honor the seniors for all the hard work and time they put into the team.” Nicole Santopadre (11) explained. Being able to walk out with your parents to be recognized is a truly special thing. Not only are the other teammates proud of their season, but so is their manager, Brian Allen (10), “ It was great watching my sister ball out and watching my brother[Mr. Lee] coach”, says Allen. The coach, Mr. Lee, also had a lot to be proud of, from his sister to the other senior girls. Overall, the players, manager, coaches, and family members all had a lot to celebrate about the graduating basketball players. This years’ senior girls’ will be remembered and have been honored, in part by this senior night. 

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Holiday Hoopla Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:17:59 +0000 The Marian Central Publications Class is eager to commence the annual Christmas party each and every year. The wonderful celebration has delicious food and beverages, while also including the popular bonding activity, known as “Secret Santa. The anticipation of who got selected for each person brings about excitement for the spirited students. Each student had a week and a half to acquire a pleasant present for their gifts. The enthusiastic students have waited for this special day to take place.

Each person was required to bring in one specific item to help the party come together, whether it was snacks, juice, or utensils. Allison Kaminski (10) stated,” I brought homemade peppermint bark that I thought every individual would love.” She wrapped little pieces of the peppermint bark into miniature bags. On the other hand, Arianna Benitez (12) talked about what her favorite food was throughout the party for more sentimental reasons. Benitez exclaimed, “My favorite item being brought is puppy chow because I haven’t had it in years, and it brings back good memories.” It reminds Benitez of when she was younger and how she would have a weakness for it. With every person bringing in one piece for the party there were many diverse reasons to love the event.

Everybody enjoyed the joyful festivities of the party. There was a massive amount of sweet treats, and gladly, the whole group was thrilled to give away their gifts. The look of joy on the faces of the people receiving their presents was fascinating. It was a very merry moment for the Publications Staff.

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I Still Believe Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:17:37 +0000 “I still believe” was the theme of the 45th annual Theater Festival that took place January 9th through 11th. This was Marian’s third year sending students on this life-changing trip, and it was lone to remember. The theme this year was meant to inspire those attending that they can make a change in this world, and to help students pursue a future in the fine arts. Students can enjoy performances, workshops, and games on this three day trip as well as help at the All-State performance, interview with colleges, and just have fun. 

The Theater Festival works with Illinois Theater Association to put on a statewide production, also known as All-State performance. This year Emily Ostrowski (12) was chosen to help with set building and changing. Ostrowski decided to join the All-State production after Marian alumni Kara Zubo and Marissa Rybinski encouraged her because of her talent in the arts. She was grateful to be given the chance to work on Aida because she plans to pursue theater in college. “Theater fest gave me a chance to learn skills and to apply them to Marian theater to make it even better than before.”                                                                                                    

Ostrowski was also one of three too interview/audition in front of multiple college recruiters. Mary Narusis (12) and Joseph Walsdorf (11) there the others who took this opportunity. Narusis explained that when she was interviewing she only had five minutes to present her portfolio, “You had to be quick and speedy, but it was very fun explaining what I do and how I do it.” Narusis heard back from twenty-one colleges looking to have her join their theater program. 

Many of those who attended Theater Fest were attending to further their knowledge of the performing arts and to have fun at all of the festivals activities. With a multitude of workshops and shows there was never a dull moment. Some students spend all their time seeing shows performance by other local school, other went to as many workshops as they could handle in their schedule, or maybe a mixture of both. Sara Kranenburg (12) went to Theater Fest for the first time this year and went to multiple workshops and performances. Kranenburg that by going to Theater Fest “I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of and I feel I grew in my confidence because I felt more comfortable when it came to doing stuff outside of my comfort zone.”

No matter the reason students enjoyed three days of fine arts activities. Thanks to administration our Marian students were also able to stay an extra night because of the weather. This years trip was full of laughs and unexpected turns, but it will be a school trip that all the students will remember because they learned to believe in themselves and others. 

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Back and Better Than Before Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:17:15 +0000 What a Year! From beginning a new school year to ending a decade, so much has happened this year. Now first semester and Christmas are now over and everything is starting to settle down since Christmas festivities are stopping and the decorations are being taken down. For many people, Christmas time is their favorite time of the year. However, now that the Christmas season is over, it is back to school and waiting for the year to be over so everyone can get to their summer activities. Before all of that starts all the students need to buckle down and focus on school

For many students, coming back to school after a long winter break is awful. The thought of being at school and not being able to sleep in and do anything they want is hard for many students. Sometimes students need to prepare in order to go back to school, but for Diego Ortiz(10) there was no thought of preparation. “All I did was eat and sleep,” said Ortiz. For some like Ortiz, coming back to school is easy because they take learning new material step by step.

However, the end of winter break is not only about returning to school but also about a new year. For Mrs.Solomon, for example, the end of the break was for celebrating the last parts of the year with her newborn daughter Elizabeth. “I celebrated New Year with family, and with Elizabeth, it was her first New Year, so we put a hat on her and we gave her a blower that she chewed on!” she said. This shows that a  new year is time for friends, family, and celebrating life!

Although the Christmas season is over, there are still things to look forward to and since there is some snow on the ground the holiday feeling has not ended yet. So, with the end of break the student’s focus will ship just like the semester shifts. For the next couple of months, most of the students’ focus will be on school and summer, of course. It might just be safe to say the countdown to summer begins now.

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Pin It To Win It Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:16:44 +0000 The pressure was on for both of Marian Central’s wrestling team with their very first home event. With their first home event of the season, the whole wrestling program was full of excitement. As the team is ranked first there were all positive thoughts. The Marian community was ready to cheer on their beloved team on.

The Team started the season off with a fifty to fifteen win against Marist. How will Marian’s Wrestling team keep this winning streak through the year? “Injury and the toughest sectional in the state for 2A are big obstacles,” said Coach Randazzo. To overcome obstacles Coach Randazzo says he will enforce the best techniques to beat the tougher opponents. Many wrestlers have the same goals, such as “I want to have a winning record and take place at frosh state” John Herff(9). Placing at state is a huge goal for the Marian wrestlers. It is difficult for many wrestlers to not get hurt, so that is a big obstacle, but for Kaden Randazzo(11) he will avoid them by “keep working, not stopping, don’t get hurt, and if I do, recover well.” 

This season has a lot in store for the hurricanes. With a new season comes a new team, and with a new team comes many more possibilities. With the team already starting in high rankings, they are off to a great start. The Marian Central community is excited to see where the team goes!

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‘Tis the Season Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:16:24 +0000 It’s the Christmas season and students are anxiously waiting for winter break to celebrate the holidays. Before break begins, however, there is a lot to do. One special event on the list is the ugly sweater day. Monday, December 16th, students were invited to wear their favorite ugly sweater to school. Students walked in the doors, met up with friends, and shared their best ugly sweater. It is safe to say that this day is one day many students look forward too. People came to school wearing all different types of sweaters, ranging from the brightest light-up sweater to the more subtle funny sweater.

One of the more noticeable sweaters was worn by Brian Hopp (11). Hopp wore a blue, light-up sweater with a cow on it. Hopp believes that “[this day] is a fun way to unwind the semester and have fun with everyone by wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.” Even though this was a fun day to dress down, many students like Hopp see it as a day to relax before the Christmas season and finals. They are very grateful and enjoy dressing in their favorite ugly sweaters with friends.

Another fun sweater seen on Monday was Elizabeth Young’s (9) red, festive sweater. It had a checklist with three words, “Naughty, Nice, I Tried” with a check-mark next to “I Tried”. “I find it funny and it is comfy and low-key cute,” says Young(9). As demonstrated by Young, many students use this day as a day to wear something different and festive. 

It truly shows that a simple dress-down day can give a student a chance to wear something to feel more comfortable and ready for their school day ahead of them.

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Allez! Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:15:57 +0000 Fencing, a sport created when a wise man said, “Let’s stab each other, but make it legal.” To the untrained eye, fencing may look like controlled stabbing, but there are a lot more skills that go it the sport than that. Skills that our Marian Central fencing team possesses. This team of skilled fighters train very hard to play a good match, but without their coaches and captains, this team wouldn’t be much of a team at all. 

These fencing look up to their coaches, Megan Harrison and Nick Reed. They are dedicated coaches and strive to bring out the best in each member of the team. Both coaches have a close relationship with the team, often joking around with them when the time calls for it. They are tough then they need to be, and work closely with the team captains to ensure that everyone is fencing to best of their ability. 

The three-team captains are student leaders. They help their teams succeed in matches and practices. Luke Morehead (12) captains saber, Joseph Walsdorf (11) captains epee, and Emily Markowski (12) captains foil. Each team captain is dedicated to teaching their team useful skills to help them become better fencers. When asked what she liked the most about being a captain, Markowski states that she “love[s] seeing the progress of each person from the beginning of the year to the end. It’s amazing to see them grow throughout the year.” The other captains feel much the same, and the team is very happy to have these skill members to go to for help.

This year the fencing team is welcoming many new members to the team. One of those members is Jade Mikalauskis (11). This is Mikalauskis’ first year on the fencing team and she is extremely happy she gave it a chance. “The captains were very encouraging and got me to try it out,” Mikalauskis (11) reminiscences when asked what got her into the sport. She placed the top fifteen on only her first individual match with the help of her coaches and team captains.

There is a lot of time and dedication that goes into being a fencer. Though the payoff is worth it; on December 7th men foil when 3-1 at Brookfield Academy. The Marian Central fencing team is full of skilled and supportive people. Whether you’re a veteran fencer or just learning the ropes when joining the fencing team here at Marian you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

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A New Way of Learning Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:15:27 +0000 Imagine being able to stay at home and learn for school. For Marian students, this is a reality. E-Learning is a new stay at home way to learn, that Marian is putting into action. Instead of making up classes at the end of the year because of snow days or lightening days students need to complete online assignments during days that we are off of school. With new materials come many opinions.

There are many opinions about E-Learning, such as Kelsi McThenia (9) who explains, “E-Learning is better because it takes less time than an actual school day. I also liked it better because I would rather do my work at home.” For some students like McThenia, it is much better to work on school work with the comfort of your own home. 

With trying something new there are always ways to improve. “I think we can improve communication, it will improve e-learning overall,” claims Mr. Kuiper. When trying something new it is always good to review and come to a conclusion on what needs to be improved. Like most things, communication is key. 

And the real question, “would you rather do E-Learning or makeup school at the end of the year?”, Ben Beto (9) responded to this question by saying, “Yes, I would rather choose e-learning, because it is less work even though it took a while.” E-Learning is a more efficient way to do school work and makeup work that can better prepare us for exams and other tests. 

Overall e-learning seemed to be a very positive experience. It is a much easier way to make up missed school days and learn at home in your pajamas. 

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All She Wants To Do Is Dance Mon, 09 Mar 2020 18:15:05 +0000 With lots to do, from choreographing to fixing little details in their dance, the dance team is restlessly preparing for upcoming competitions, to do what they love. Dance captains Catherine Pawlak (11), Sofie Brown (12), and Lauren Biasco (11) work with the team to create and improve their competition dance to be the best it can. However, this means getting to work right away.

To begin the extraneous process, the dance team began with practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They came together each practice to accomplish the same goal of making this dance one of their best. The girls already had a dance choreographed, but it wasn’t quite right yet. After weeks of reviewing it and making corrections, they had themselves a contending dance.  Sofie Brown (12) was overwhelmed but still looked forward to spending time with her teammates. She shares that, “I love spending time with the team, even through thick and thin.” It was this mentality that kept the team going through the tough practices and hardwork. 

Even though the team had a lot of work at their hands, they still shared a joined love and bond. Olivia Striedl (10), one of the dancers, shares what she loves so much about the team and how she enjoys what they are doing together. “It shows how great our team bond can be through all we have done and gone through,” Striedl (10) said. This work they have put into the dance, however, has not gone unnoticed. Coach Carrie Ross is so proud of the team and how well they worked together to pull off such a big task, she says, “We have a young team with enormous potential and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the floor. It’s been impressive to watch.”

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